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While discussing Email , couple of terms keeping popping up. The terms are POP, IMAP, MAPI. So lets try and demystify these terms :

1) POP:

Here a Email Client would pull in the emails from a mailbox located on the Internet . So just like post office stores your email , the internet mail box would store your email till it is fetched.

2) IMAP :

In this , the email on the Internet mailbox is synced with the local email Client. The advantage in doing so is that you can access your email from virtually anywhere.

3) MAPI :  

MAPI is a full groupware protocol, where is IMAP is only a Mail protocol.
So if you need Calendaring, Contact functionality, Tasks, server side mail filters, etc, then you need to use MAPI.

Needless to say , in terms of functionality , MAPI is the best . The best implementation of MAPI is when you use MS Outlook as a Client for MS Exchange . To know more about the features of MS Exchange , click here .

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Suresh Ramani

Microsoft MVP 2009


About Suresh Ramani

I am a CEO of a Technology Solutions Provider "TechGyan" ( Gyan in Sanskrit means "knowledge") . My Company is based out of Mumbai, India . My Company provides Solutions to Customers ( Local & International) around Microsoft Platform. In 2009, Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). During week ends I provide Redevelopment Consultancy to Societies in Mumbai . The details of the same are listed on My hobbies are reading Management Books . Like most of Indians , I love game of Cricket and Hindi Songs.
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