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Cloud Computing can help Small & Mid sized businesses

  Greetings ! Its Diwali time (Festival of Lights )  in India and almost the whole of India is in Celebration mood. So here’s wishing everyone a very Happy & safe Diwali ! I read an interesting article penned by … Continue reading

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How to improve the speed of Windows 7

  Greetings! We all know that Windows 7 is the World’s largest selling Desktop Operating System. I came across this useful article which describes how to speed up Windows 7. Click here to read the same . And do implement … Continue reading

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Understanding Lync based Unified Communication

Greetings ! We had a wonderful IAMCP India West Meeting on 16th September 2011 . The Keynote was Understanding Microsoft Lync . The speaker was Mr. Nilesh Marathe, a Partner Technology Specialist . The key learnings were: Lync covers 3 … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Outlook 2010

  Greetings ! Microsoft Outlook is the most used application among the Manages and Executives. People cannot think of life without MS Outlook . Today I will share with you some Best Practices of using MS Outlook. Click here for … Continue reading

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Greetings ! While discussing Email , couple of terms keeping popping up. The terms are POP, IMAP, MAPI. So lets try and demystify these terms : 1) POP: Here a Email Client would pull in the emails from a mailbox … Continue reading

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