Google Docs or Office365?


In Times of India Edition dated July 3, 2011 , on page 24 , there is an article by Mr. Nimish Dubey with headline “ Google Docs or Office365 “.  Surprisingly it is full of errors and wrong assumptions. So I am going to address this blog to Mr. Nimish:

Dear Nimish,

I read your article today in the Times of India. I am a resident of Mumbai and a committed reader of Times of India family of publications . I was surprised to note so many errors in this article . Let me list those out so that it helps you increase your knowledge and analytical ability.

1) You have correctly assumed that Office365 is for Customers who need Enterprise Class applications. So I assume you agree that Google Docs is for Consumers.

2) Under the heading “To start using…” , you say that for person to start using Google Docs , its lot easy as Office365 setup takes time. And you wish that there was an easier way to start using office web apps . You can actually do that by just using your windows LIVE ID . You can create Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note using your Free LIVE ID. You also get 25 GB of Online space to store your files . Google Docs give you 7 GB . So the FREE Windows LIVE blows away the FREE Google Docs by a mile and more.

3) Under the heading “Collaboration” , you mention that in Office365 the process to collaborate is long . First you need to create Team Site and set permissions , etc. The Google process is simpler. Yes I agree. That’s because Google Docs is for consumer while Office365 is for Enterprises. If you need simplicity, try sharing files or folders using Office Webapps in FREE LIVE ID . Its simpler that Google Docs. Try it to believe it.

4) Under the heading “Price” , you make a factually incorrect statement saying Google Docs is FREE and Office365 is USD 6 per user. For your information, Google Docs and Google Apps are 2 different things. Google Docs is part of Google Apps.  Yes, Google Docs is Free. And so is Office WebApps. If you meant Google Apps, then its FREE for upto 10 users. Beyond that , you pay . The FREE edition is called Google Apps Standard Edition. The paid one is called Google Apps Premier  Edition. So when you compare Google Docs, its incorrect and illogical to compare it with Office365. You need to compare Google Docs with Office Webapps. And you need to Compare Google Apps Premier Edition with Office365. So unfortunately your Title heading “ Google Docs or Office365” itself is a wrong heading.

And BTW , you may want to watch a video comparing Google Mail with MS Exchange for Enterprises . Click here to view the same.

Have a Great Day !

Suresh Ramani

Microsoft MVP 2009


About Suresh Ramani

I am a CEO of a Technology Solutions Provider "TechGyan" ( Gyan in Sanskrit means "knowledge") . My Company is based out of Mumbai, India . My Company provides Solutions to Customers ( Local & International) around Microsoft Platform. In 2009, Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). During week ends I provide Redevelopment Consultancy to Societies in Mumbai . The details of the same are listed on My hobbies are reading Management Books . Like most of Indians , I love game of Cricket and Hindi Songs.
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