Microsoft Skydrive vs. Google Cloud Connect


Greetings !

In the front page of Economic Times Today is  a big article with headline “ Google All Set to Disconnect Work from Office”.

The article then goes to describe the revolutionary product from Google which allows MS Office Users to save their Data on the Cloud. And it predicts that this is going to hurt Microsoft a lot .

I personally feel that this article is one more example of fantastic PR of Google and pathetic PR of Microsoft  . For quite some time now, I have been using 2 services from Microsoft a) Skydrive   b) Live Mesh

Skydrive allows me to save my documents on the Microsoft cloud. And I can then share this folder with anyone having LIVE id. Also it allows me to edit Office Documents online without even having those programs  on my PC.

Live Mesh allows me to sync my PC data folders online and even share those folders with anyone else. Whatever I create in those folders gets synced online.

These 2 services are far superior to what Google Cloud Connect  has to offer . But typical of today’s Microsoft , their PR is extremely poor and both the services are well kept secrets .

But the message to all is that these 2  free services from Microsoft allow you to do what Google Cloud Connect can do and lot more. So use these instead of Cloud Connect .

I would love to know what you think about these services.

with warm regards

Suresh Ramani

Microsoft MVP 2009

IAMCP India West Founder President

About Suresh Ramani

I am a CEO of a Technology Solutions Provider "TechGyan" ( Gyan in Sanskrit means "knowledge") . My Company is based out of Mumbai, India . My Company provides Solutions to Customers ( Local & International) around Microsoft Platform. In 2009, Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). During week ends I provide Redevelopment Consultancy to Societies in Mumbai . The details of the same are listed on My hobbies are reading Management Books . Like most of Indians , I love game of Cricket and Hindi Songs.
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9 Responses to Microsoft Skydrive vs. Google Cloud Connect

  1. statman says:

    Live Mesh and Skydrive are VERY CONFUSING.

    Skydrive is EXACTLY what I need, but it’s missing syncing capabilities. I’m specifically talking about the 25gb Skydrive, not the 5gb live mesh skydrive.

    Live mesh lets you sync (which is great), but that 5gb account does not have the live web apps available. So, I find both useless for my needs.

    • Hi !

      But what Google Cloud Connect does is that it syncs your office files from your PC to the Google Cloud. In that respect its functionality is similar to Live Mesh. My point is that why should someone need Google Cloud Connect when you have Live Mesh

      I use Skydrive for data which I access from anywhere. I use live mesh to sync my files between work pc and home pc.

  2. Paul Larsen says:

    Question: We are trying to sync a Mac user that refuses to go off of Word Perfect — I know…, a Windows XP person and a Windows 7/Office 2010 person, and some others. Will Mesh and Sky Drive work?

    • I have never used Wordperfect. But I see no reason why Wordperfect files cannot be synced between PC and cloud and another PC . I have pdf, jpg, all types of files which sync in mesh.

  3. Paul Larsen says:

    Oh, I am a Google Docs user. I have love/hate relationship with it. I don’t like editing or printing options. Again MS options better?

    • You need to try the options and decide. These decisions are personal. For MS Office users , the Microsoft options will always be better since they have been using the product for many years now. So its a known devil.

  4. Jean-Philippe GURECKI says:

    Google Cloud connect provides me a feature I can’t find in Skydrive and I think is very useful, let me explain. Syncing with Skydrive obliges to save your files in a specific folder, Skydrive (well, I couldn’t find a way to save my files elsewhere) while GCC let you save your files in any folder you want to. Thus, it allows to maintain the My documents tree in use on your PC, which I find more convinient than saving in another folder. But Skydrive gains advantage with its 25Gb storage compared to the 1 Gb Google docs storage.
    So I’m open-minded to use Skydrive if only it has the same abilities of universal storage on the local hard drive!

    • You should try the Skydrive app for PC. Let me explain what I do. I have a Skydrive folder on my local hard disk. I create lot of content on that drive. And guess what! I am getting a Cloud based backup . Now the same MS Office files that I use on my PC are available to be for edit on the Cloud. And the story gets better. I can also edit the files on my Windows Phone 7.5. Having the same data avaiable to you on PC, browser and phone is simply awesome according to me.

      • I’ve already download and installed on all my PCs, at home and at work, the Skydrive App. It’s very useful, but the Google Cloud Connector benefit is that you don’t have to duplicate the files. Once it’s saved in a My documents’ subfolder, it’s synced in the cloud. I think both tools are useful, and I hope that the next Office will allow to save and sync directly.

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