The next versions of Windows Small Business Server announced


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In the ongoing Microsoft Partner Conference in the USA, there was a BIG announcement about the new versions of the Windows Small Business Server which are now available for preview . Given below is the extract of the Article published by the SBS Team . Please read the article below for details.

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[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Kevin Kean from the SBS Product Team]

Not a week goes by when we don’t get emails asking about the next version of Windows Small Business Server (SBS). When’s it coming? What will it include? What’s the partner opportunity?

I am very pleased to say that today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we disclosed that we will issue not one, but TWO, public preview releases for the next version of SBS by the end of our summer in the Pacific Northwest – an update to the standard edition plus a new server that will be our first to deliver both traditional and cloud computing capabilities for small businesses.

If you’re interested in downloading and testing the previews, you can visit and sign-up for the program. You will be notified when the actual bits are available for download.

The offerings we will have for you to try out will be:

  • Windows Small Business Server (SBS) “7” Preview: The next version of Windows Small Business Server will include a richer remote access experience, as well as updates to all of the component software in the suite to the latest versions (Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 SP1, SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Windows Server Update Services 3.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2). As a result, small business customers will find significant security and management enhancements as well as much richer features for providing file-and-print, email and Internet services to employees. SBS 7 will support up to 75 users.
  • Windows Small Business Server (SBS) Code Name “Aurora” Preview: A new edition of Windows Small Business Server, Aurora is an affordable, easy to use “first server” option for small businesses that will be the company’s first to deliver both traditional and cloud capabilities. With SBS Aurora, customers will be able to better protect their business data through automated backup and restore capabilities, easily organize and access business information from almost anywhere and run a variety of business tools and software. SBS Aurora will support up to 25 users.

In addition, we are announcing the forthcoming release of a Windows Server Solution Software Development Kit (SDK), which will enable developers to build add-ins and write drive integration of new and existing on-line services with SBS Aurora. Developers interested in downloading the SDK should go to

I know that we are going to create a lot of industry buzz with these offerings, in large part because we’re updating the standard edition with SBS 7 and delivering an easy to use and affordable way through SBS Aurora for small businesses to enjoy important server functionalities like backup of client and server, file and print sharing, run critical applications on-site while at the same time taking advantage of the emerging number of online applications and services on a pay-as-you-go basis to extend the functionality of your server.

We’re also getting a lot of partner interest, particularly around SBS Aurora. In fact, Symantec, Level Platforms and Disk Keeper are all making statements this week around plans to integrate products with SBS Aurora.   HP is not only showing SBS Aurora in their booth at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, but has a sneak peek at And you’re sure to hear more as we get closer to releasing the preview.

See what all of the buzz is about. Sign up for the previews today!



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