IAMCP India West meeting April 2009



On Friday , 17th April 2009, we had our chapter meeting of IAMCP India West . And what a meeting it was ! We had close to 30 members attending the meeting in person and online. The LARCH Conference Room was overflowing with members . The main reason for this was the agenda which had 2 CIO’s from very reputed Companies giving their insights.

First , as usual , we had 60 second Company presentations by members and non members. This was followed by a detailed presentation on IAMCP by yours truly . After this came the first keynote by Mr.. Umesh Mehta, CIO of Asia Motor Works , an Essar Group Company . His topic was “ What vendors should avoid” . Some of the things listed by him which vendors should avoid were:


Being unrealistic in pre sales

Short Term approach

Over aggressive marketing

Jumping Hierarchy

“There is no better way”

“I did not make money “

“This is their internal  problem”

“He is not going to give me repeat business”

“They won’t spend money”

“They are biased”

“I don’t care if it fails”


After this wonderful session , Mr. Vikas Gadre, CIO of Tata Chemicals spoke about “ Managing Slowdown”. Some points mentioned by him were  :

Act decisively

Strengthen Strategic position

focus on conserving cash

change fixed cost to variable cost

focus on core & outsource or eliminate non core

communicate constantly with employees

Mr.. Gadre spoke about how Tata Chemicals is going about managing slowdown aggressively. That was a real eye opener.

Once this session got over, there was a lively Q & A with the 2 CIO’s which lasted well beyond the budgeted 15 minutes.


DSC00279 Mr. Vikas Gadre receiving the memento from Mr Chetan Shah


DSC00280 Mr. Umesh Mehta receiving the memento from Suresh Ramani


After the Q & A , Mr Chetan Mehta proposed a Vote of Thanks.

After the session was over , members were asked for feedback. Here is a sample of the same:

It was really Great . The Best ever

The pain area and opportunities discussion was wonderful

Both were very insightful & pretty much to the point about their respective topics. In fact many members met me after the meeting & appreciated their sessions. It is good to know the pitfalls when approaching new CIOs for business.

Also if a giant like tata chemicals is having such a precise & clinical plan to tackle the downturn, it is a big learning for smaller companies like us to plan our strategies accordingly “

First time I had the opportunity listen to CIO’s perspective about what they expect from SI and IT resellers.

It will definitely guide us in making our future marketing strategy and also how to avoid the negative response from CIO’s

session by both the speaker was very good. It has given lot of insight into the customer’s mindset. It will guide us in making our future marketing strategy

The feedback from the partners clearly says it all. I have absolutely no doubt that our chapter is well on its was towards becoming the  vibrant example of partnering at its Best !   Jai Ho !

Suresh Ramani







About Suresh Ramani

I am a CEO of a Technology Solutions Provider "TechGyan" ( Gyan in Sanskrit means "knowledge") . My Company is based out of Mumbai, India . My Company provides Solutions to Customers ( Local & International) around Microsoft Platform. In 2009, Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). During week ends I provide Redevelopment Consultancy to Societies in Mumbai . The details of the same are listed on www.tdrmumbai.in My hobbies are reading Management Books . Like most of Indians , I love game of Cricket and Hindi Songs.
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