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Webcasts for SBS and EBS

  Greetings ! For partners who are active in the Infrastructure Space, here is some good news ! In the first week of March, there are a few webcasts planned on Windows Small Business Server and Windows Essential Business Server. … Continue reading

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New requirements for Small Business Specialist

  Greetings ! As a Partner Area Lead for SBSCs in India , I take part in Quarterly Conference Calls with PALs all over the World . Yesterday night I just finished my Quarterly Call. We had Paul O’Connell who … Continue reading

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Partner Marketing Centre

  Greetings ! How many of us are aware of a great marketing resource available from Microsoft called Partner Marketing Centre?  Not too many I guess ! I was making my plans for Online Marketing when I got  a mail … Continue reading

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Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer likens economy to depressions of 1837, 1873, and 1929

Greetings !   I recently came across an article on Steve Ballmer and his views on current economic crisis. Although it is a US Centric view, its still useful to know the views of the powerful CEO’s so that we … Continue reading

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