Windows Small Business Server 2008 Product Details


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 Given below are some product details on the Windows SBS 2008 . I want to thank my dear friend Beatrice Mulzer for sharing the exciting details with me and allowing me to share the same with all.

Windows Small Business Server 2008, formerly known as "Cougar", is now officially part of the Windows Essential Server Solutions family together with Windows Essential Business Server 2008.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) will be available in the second half of 2008 according to a Microsoft Press release.

SBS 2008 is recommended as “ideal” for companies with up to 50 PCs but will continue to support up to 75 users or devices, just as had in the latest available release, SBS 2003 R2.  

SBS 2008 will offer a whole new range of features and capabilities, most notably through the online integration of Microsoft services.

·         A one-year trial subscription to Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server Small Business Edition.

·         A one-year trial subscription to Windows Live OneCare for Server.

·         SBS 2008 integration with Microsoft Office Live Small Business so small businesses can easily set up Web sites and private online work spaces.

Other notable items that will make life easier (and are now public knowledge) for all of us that work with SBS will include

·         Enhancements to Remote Web Workplace

·         Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

·         Support for the latest Windows Mobile devices through Exchange Server 2007

·         Monitoring across servers and client PCs and customizable reporting

·         Processor and memory limits match Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition  

·         Windows Server Update Services

·         Simplified server and PC backup technologies

Will there be a premium edition? Why yes, SBS 2008 comes still in the Standard and Premium editions:


The difference with the SBS 2008 Premium Edition is that it becomes a second server solution meaning that you receive a second copy (additional license) for Windows Server 2008  and a copy (license) for SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition to run on a second server, leaving SBS 2008 on its own hardware if you chose so.

Certainly you can opt to install SQL Server 2008 on the SBS server, you do not have to have a second server, that is an option.  Client Access Licenses (CALs) will be individual licenses , meaning Standard Edition will have Standard CALs and the Premium Edition will have Premium CALs.  There will be options to purchase a single CAL (1 CAL!) in addition to the usual 5/10/20 CAL packs.

You may have noticed that ISA server is no longer included in the Premium Edition

So are you guys out there excited with the product details? I surely am .


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