Partnering for Progress

Greetings !
During my recent trip to Denver, USA , to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference , I did a ot of learning. One of the most important lessons I learnt was the Value of Partnering . In India , Partners generally shy away from working together. The fear is that they may lose their Customer to the Partnering Company. Things are quite different in the USA.Many partners work together on projects. When I asked them the reason for  Partnering, they gave quite a few , some of which are listed below:
1) Every Partner has a niche. Sometimes a Customer may have a project which requires skillsets not present with existing partner servicing the Customer. In such a case , it makes sense to tieup with a Partner having the required skill sets.
2) There may be a sudden spike in work and required Tech Support staff may not be available. So getting help (at subsidized costs ) from a partner having people to spare at that point in time ensures a win- win situation .
3)Certain projects are in different Geographies. So partners tie up with other partners having a presence in the required Geography.
If you analyze the reasons , you will find that the above reasons are valid in India too. The Partners have to overcome their fear of losing the Customer to the Partnering Company . Think Hard. Would it not be the case of killing the goose that lays Golden Eggs?
The benefits of Partnering are very compelling for us to ignore them. I’m convinced about the power of Partnerships. I would love to have your views on the same.
with warm regards
Suresh Ramani
live with passion 

About Suresh Ramani

I am a CEO of a Technology Solutions Provider "TechGyan" ( Gyan in Sanskrit means "knowledge") . My Company is based out of Mumbai, India . My Company provides Solutions to Customers ( Local & International) around Microsoft Platform. In 2009, Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). During week ends I provide Redevelopment Consultancy to Societies in Mumbai . The details of the same are listed on My hobbies are reading Management Books . Like most of Indians , I love game of Cricket and Hindi Songs.
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